Seefood Room proudly presents The New Feminine, an all-female group exhibition, featuring the works of Austyn Taylor, Hyun Jung Ji, Liane Chu, Meeson Pae, Momo Kim, Peep, and Sandrine Lanoy. The exhibition will be from 15 July to 7 August at 9 On Lan Street, Central.

Two artists from the opposite American coasts bring us unparalleled talent - New York-born sculptor, Austyn Taylor, pursues a nomadic lifestyle to mould absurdist creations inspired by the concept of cognitive dissonance whilst experimental artist from Los Angeles, Meeson Pae, traverses across different mediums to create ecstatic visual experiences.

On the other side of the globe, emerging Hong Kong artist and mental health advocate, Liane Chu, skilfully uses acrylic paint to honour her Chinese heritage while Korean painter, Momo Kim, draws inspiration from the mundane life to paint us the ludicrous world seen through her eyes. Finally, Korean painter, Hyun Jung Ji, Hong Kong illustrator, Peep, and French painter, Sandrine Lanoy, show us a kaleidoscopic view of women through intuitive strokes and vibrant colours.

The New Feminine celebrates the wonders of art birthed from girl power. It sees a myriad of artistic expressions manifested from diverse experiences - from women’s soft silhouettes to a radiant spectrum of pigments, the seven brilliant artists have come together to showcase their talents and give us a taste of the new feminine.

Written by Flora Liu

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