Seefood Room proudly presents TECHNICOLOUR DREAMS, a group exhibition featuring the works of Dallas Lee, Dustin Brown, EMU BB, Keeenue, Lennart Grau, and Socko. The exhibition will be from 18 August to 11 September at 9 On Lan Street, Central.

New York-based artist, Socko, uses raw textures and the familiar character he created, Dough, to bring us a sense of whimsical nostalgia in this world whilst Japanese artists, EMU and Keeenue, add a splash of bold colour tones and dynamicity with their works. German painter, Lennart Grau, and Hong Kong artist, Dallas Lee, show us the mundane world seen through an abstractified lens that connects reality and their subconscious dreams. Similarly, American painter, Dustin Brown uses his works to reflect on his emotional journey as one goes through life not only to seek, but also to create purpose.

The six artists have gathered to show us mundanity in technicolour - through pigments and textures, they have enlivened the monochromatic everyday life. By tapping into your wildest dreams, you too can find radiance and joy in the ordinary.

Written by Flora Liu

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