Where Dreams Live - Karla Pereira solo exhibition

Where Dreams Live is a gateway for us to approach our inner child, with whom Pereira seeks to connect through the power of imagination, innocence, and the dreams we have once had. Through this series, Pereira experiments and plays with different techniques in hopes to recover those lost dreams and revive the hope of making them come true once again.

 Pereira’s works capture the strength and beauty of femininity and mythical creatures. Her iconic art style birthed through a distinctive blend of Baroque, Renaissance, classic European, and contrasting pop art bring her subjects and fantasies to life. Step into the world of Karla Pereira and come see where dreams live!

About the artist

Karla Pereira is a pop surrealist painter based in Zaragoza, Spain. She self-taught oil painting under the influence of traditional art history canon and she received a BA in History of Art from the University of Valencia in 2016.

Since Pereira started her professional career in 2017, she has exhibited her works in the USA, France, Australia, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, and more, garnering collectors worldwide. Her works reflect the beauty and power of femininity and precious creatures, creating a universe where beauty is exemplified through surreal proportions and dreamlike atmospheres.

Pereira’s oil paintings combine traditional painting methods with novel pop characters, presenting an interesting contrast. Her painting style and iconography are unique, yet they echo the styles of the old masters from the Renaissance, Baroque, and European periods. The two form an interesting juxtaposition, bringing the classical backdrop into contemporary subjects.

Recent exhibitions include Copro Gallery, USA (2022), Maison Ozmen, France (2021), and Inverarity Gallery, UK (2021).

Written by Flora Liu

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