Latent Dreaming exhibition

AucArt and Seefood Room are delighted to present Latent Dreaming, a group show featuring Alanna Hernandez, Amber Larks, Corn Shuk Mei Ho, Dallas Lee, Grace Bromley, Harris Wong, Jason Ho, Kidd Murray, Mizuki Nishiyama, Purple Liu, and Zena Blackwell. The works will be shown at 3-4/F, Haus of Contemporary at 9 On Lan Street, Central from 9 March until 1 April.

According to Sigmund Feud, he believed that an individual could relieve psychological distress by bringing the hidden meaning of dreams in their conscious awareness. The latent content of dreams holds the key to understanding our hopes, fears, and experiences in life. With this in mind, latent dreaming can be seen as a healing process. It is a space for love and kindness that exists in the nebulous region between wake and sleep, where emotions are simultaneously intensified and yet rendered meaningless, and where only a perpetual sense of bliss and forgiveness remains. In this group show, the West meets the East in the city of Hong Kong to create a vibrant fusion. The artworks act as the physical manifestation of the softness and clemency experienced in the dreamlike state, allowing the artists to showcase their brilliance as audiences indulge in the lucid sensation.

This spring, step into the subconscious with us and experience what it feels like to be Latent Dreaming.

Text by Seefood Room and AucArt

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Written by Flora Liu

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